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To Save Happy Valley Coalition, From Jeanette

by Jeanette Fitzsimons

I was absolutely gutted yesterday to hear that Solid Energy has moved into our beautiful valley to begin its destruction. I wish I could be here [in Christchurch] with you today. I want to celebrate all the people who have kept vigil at the camp, walked five hours to get there in hard weather, given up time and comfort, and who are still going. Congratulations all of you.When I visited the valley several years ago with Solid Energy and DOC I couldn’t believe it was still such an untouched place. The red tussock, the streams, the beech-clad valley sides, and the knowledge that ancient snails and roroa had lived here forever and were still here. It is a magic place, and turning it all into greenhouse gases turns my stomach sick.

The fight is not over. We have to publicly shame them. We will do what we can to publicise this in the House.

Please take strength and courage from the fact that so many of us are with you in spirit and from time-to-time will be with you in person.

Kia kaha,

Thursday 23 April

“NEW CAMP: Helen Tulett and Lily Duval at their new protest camp in Christchurch.” Image from The Press .

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