Dr Russel nominated for Mt Albert

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As you will have heard in this morning’s news, Green Party Co-Leader Russel Norman has been nominated as a Green Party candidate for Mt Albert. A selection meeting next Wednesday will consider his nomination.

Russel has described himself as the “underdog”, and said he did not believe National could win the seat. The Herald reports:

He said National had ruined its chances with plans to “bulldoze their way through the electorate”… and the ramming through of the Auckland governance changes.

Russel said:

If we do this, we’ll be the underdog, but it is a great chance for voters to make the old parties listen to them on Auckland governance, Auckland’s transport problems, Auckland’s electricity supply as well as on the region’s beaches and open spaces. These are all areas where the Green Party has consistently offered answers and listened to local communities.

[On the transport dilemna] the old parties are arguing over two bad ideas in Waterview.  They want to either bulldoze a suburb or blow $3 billion.  The Green Party offers a better solution. We would fix the public transport system first, relieve congestion and give Aucklanders a faster, cheaper way to get to work and the airport.

[On national political issues] the Greens stand for a fairer and more sustainable society in New Zealand. Our long and hard-fought campaign for warm, dry, healthy homes is one example.

Dr Norman lived in Auckland for five years. If he is confirmed as the candidate and elected, he would move back to Auckland.

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