Earth Day Message

The Parliamentary team of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand wants everybody to celebrate Earth Day, not just brood about all the things that are going wrong. Here are some personal messages from each of the MPs, talking about some of things, big and small, that are going well and that bode well for the future.

In order of appearance, we have Russel Norman, Sue Bradford, Kevin Hague, Metiria Turei, Kennedy Graham, Catherine Delahunty, Keith Locke, Sue Kedgley and Jeanette Fitzsimons.

Happy Earth Day!

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  1. I have been told that if I call someone a “denier” I am connecting them with Holocaust deniers. So there goes another useful word because of the paranoid delusions of the sort of people who think there is a connection between Earth Day, Hitler’s birthday, and Greens policy of treating cannabis use as mainly a health issue instead of a criminal offence.



    April 20 (“4/20” in U.S. date notation) has evolved into a counterculture holiday, where people gather to celebrate and consume cannabis.[3][4] In some locations this celebration coincides with Earth Week.[5][6][7]

    It is also Hitlers birthday. And the Greens support the legalization of Cannabis. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  3. No – it is Lenin’s birthday! According to a letter to the Christchurch Press, only Communists celebrate Earth day. I guess somewhere in the protocols of the elders of leninism it says you should clean the means of production before you seize them. Makes sense.

    I was going to try some parody of a right wing nut job, but this will do:

    SHOULD LENIN’S BIRTHDAY BE A HOLIDAY, alongside the national holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the new California holiday honoring union boss Cesar Chavez?

    Why, you might ask, would Americans celebrate the birthday of this mass murderer Marxist, the founder of the is-it-dead-or-only-sleeping Soviet Union?

    But the sad fact is that our children in public schools and colleges probably are directed to celebrate Lenin’s April 22 birthday and his values, whether they know it or not.

    Schools and the media now call this date Earth Day, a date that oddly falls each year only a week before an ancient traditional day for celebrating springtime, May Day. (The Soviets marked May Day with a Red Square parade of nuclear missiles and goose-stepping soldiers, the defining symbols of Marxist love.)

    It is also Administrative Professionals day – so I guess they are secret commies dedicated to government ownership of banks and car companies … er, well maybe they have a point there.

    Anyway – I must have got out of the wrong side of bed this morning. I better change out of my jackboots, jodhpurs and eco-fascist regalia into something more simply soviet. Thank goodness you can’t go wrong with the goose-stepping.

  4. q said: Pity to see the Government and Solid Energy have ruined the positivity of Earth Day

    Maybe we should have an officially designated “Coal Day” for those who want to ruin the planet to celebrate! They could mine to their hearts are content anywhere they like on that day. But with an international accord prohibiting mining it on any other day!

  5. Greetings on Earth Day!

    In my suburb I become more and more impressed with the changes that people are making in their lives.

    Increasing numbers now regularly cycle the 12Km to work or “school” in the City, and shorter distances to local preschool and primary.
    More people now walk to the local shops, or jog with junior in a
    state-of-the-art pram.

    On weekends, more and more families set off along the cycle lanes (or footpaths) with one parent in front, the other in the rear and various smaller family members in between … each on his/her own bike, trike or special junior bike seat.

    Each time I catch the bus, the number of patrons seems to have increased. Environment Canterbury (our Regional Council) is forward looking and has been doing a good job.

    In Christchurch I’m still waiting for those promised bike racks on the buses for longer distances. However, I can’t complain too much because, with Winston’s “SuperGold Card” I travel free of charge.

  6. Big Bruv – when you sweep in to criticise Catherine, would you kindly answer my question about your views on the live sheep shipments. I’ve been hanging out to hear your voice on the issue.

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