Greens sign MoU with National

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I confess it makes an interesting headline, that! nevertheless, here is a video of the press conference, for your viewing pleasure:

Despite what a few on frogblog have been saying, this MoU is exactly what we said we would do before, during and after the election – that is – work constructively with National on areas of common ground. This agreement has only three areas named in the appendix, but i am sure there will be more.

The biggie, of course, is the billion dollar Green Homes Fund, which the Nats (Nick Smith) said he would scrap during the election campaign. No doubt more settled minds have reviewed the incredibly good return on investment and the rapidity with which such a programme can create jobs, so the Nats have put it back on the table. We’ll see how far it goes.

Then there is the more complex area of energy efficiency, where Jeanette was leading the charge during the last term of government. This is an area where we hold some expertise, but I am sure will be like picking through a thicket of thorns working with Gerry on this one!

Another area of common interest has to do with the trans-tasman regulation of therapeutics. I don’t understand all the details, but I do understand that allowing big pharma in Australia to regulate small cottage industries in New Zealand is not likely to be in our best interests.

What other areas do frogblog readers think the two parties should be working together?

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