Stupid is as stupid does

by frog

G is for grrrrrrr.

G is grump grump.

G is for Godawful.

G is for Genesis

In the beginning there was stupidity and then – Good Lord – there was more stupidity.

The latest chapter in this sorry saga called the Book of Genesis is the resource consent for the Rodney gas plant granted by Rodney District Council last week. 

This means we are now a step closer to a gas-powered plant for which we don’t have gas.

If we have to import gas we are at the mercy of overseas supply and pricing and the exchange rate.  For a moment, let’s do what the traditional economists do and consider the environmental costs an ‘externality’ and, even in this narrow world view, Rodney makes NO sense. Zero. Zip. Nada.  Even Genesis admits this, but on we go…

Genesis wrote to the Electricity Commission on 4 December 2008 that it does not have “access to a sufficient, secure forward quantity of gas” for the proposed power station, and it has admitted the power station is not viable in a “in a real-world, commercial sense”.

The story gets better: we’ve spent more than $70 million planning for the Rodney plant. We could have fixed a bunch of transmission problems for this sort of money, but hey, let’s keep chasing ‘Think Big,’ 1980s-style projects.

Speaking of dated, a friendly frog has pointed out that some of Genesis’ latest advertising features the slogan “Hello Tomorrow” above the photo of a hydro dam…built in 1973.  (On the count of three, everybody slap their foreheads and say ‘doh!’).  Here’s more copy from Genesis

Hydro power. Take some water, add gravity, plus a little technology and you can generate enough power for an entire city, without producing even the tiniest amount of CO2 emissions. To find out what else we’re doing about climate change (and what you can do), visit Together, we can make a big difference to tomorrow.

So we talk about climate change while throwing millions at a gas-powered plant.

Similarly here’s a Genesis press release headline(sic) from last week

Genesis Energy has completed the first step of a process which could lead to the development of a wind farm in northern Wairarapa.

So we talk about wind, while spending mega-bucks on gas.

Remember too that the National-led Government gave a big thumbs up to baseload thermal generation as soon as it took office.

‘Think Big’ came to be ridiculed as ‘Think Pig’ and happy talk about hydro and wind is the metaphorical lipstick on the Rodney pig.  Grrrr.

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