Reasons not to believe in John Key’s leadership

by frog

The Energy [R]evolution is Greenpeace’s plan to save the planet from catastrophic climate change. Susan Sarandon narrates the first of three ‘Reasons to Believe’. This one explains why energy efficiency is so important and also so easily achieved, just by small changes such as a switch from traditional lightbulbs to more energy efficient ones. In the one minute you will spend watching this film solar energy could power a country the size of Portugal for one week. In one minute. We need an Energy [R]evolution. Learn more here.

Hat tip to The Standard, who found the video before I did! So much for our clean, green image. So much for picking the low hanging fruit towards sustainability. They bullied us into thinking that we were world leaders on climate change. Actually, Labour were laggards. But National is much, much worse. They are a disgrace. Enjoy the film!

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