Kennedy Graham on International Climate Change Negotiations

In this week’s message from parliament, Green MP Kennedy Graham urges everyone to put pressure on the government to negotiate real and binding emissions reductions in the lead up to Copenhagen this December. While the government is busy hacking every budget under the sun, we are being distracted from one of the most important international treaties that humankind will ever put together. Enjoy!

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  1. peterquixote said: kennedy graham is the most pompous MP since Keith Holyoak , and despised every time he opens his fendalton mouth

    And Sue Bradford speaks like she’s been having a few cold ones down the pub, according to other comments I’ve seen here in the past.

    We just can’t win, can we?

    When are you guys going to realise it is the message that is what really counts? Not who delivers it or how they deliver it.

  2. It is a curious coincidence that the MWP occurred during a lull in volcanic activity in Southern Iceland and the LIA occurred during the most recent surge in activity. It is particularly worthy of note that Icelands volcanoes produce intense lava flows rather having explosive eruptions and thus the aerosol distribution tends to confined to a narrow latitude band covering Europe and North America and can last for many years depending on how long the lava release continues. By contrast the explosive eruption of Mt. Tambora in 1815 has been credited with causing the “year without a summer”

  3. Paul,

    Trevor29 disagrees with you. He says there’s not enough data. But I’m not so sure. Take this article from The Times for example, which talks about the detailed Royal Navy log books going back hundreds of years and providing a wealth of information: “One paper…details a surge in the frequency of summer storms over Britain in the 1680s and 1690s. Many scientists believe storms are a consequence of global warming, but these were the coldest decades of the so-called Little Ice Age that hit Europe from about 1600 to 1850…during the 1730s, Europe underwent a period of rapid warming similar to that recorded recently – and which must have had natural origins. ”


    I think this is the wrong tape of kennedy graham they’ve posted here. This is the one where he was addressing a bunch of kindergarten children in his office.

  4. sweet jesus,
    kennedy graham is the most pompous MP since Keith Holyoak ,
    and despised every time he opens his fendalton mouth,

  5. The studies I have read where indeterminate on the impact of hurricane numbers, that is they did not forecast an increase in number of hurricanes. However, they did forecast an increase in the intensity of hurricanes, and this fits with figures over the last four decades.


  6. And 3 years ago it was near a record high. The article makes it clear that the contribution from global warming so far is only likely to be a few percent, and the contribution from natural oscillations with periods of a few years dominate this effect, so the fact that we may have reached a new low doesn’t prove anything. Remember that there are only a few decades of data available and the earliest data is of doubtful accuracy, so a claim that we are at a new low don’t actually carry much weight.


  7. One of the promised characteristics of man-made climate change is an increase in hurricanes. So much so, in fact, that one could almost call such increased activity a fingerprint of the theory. So, how’s that working out?

    “Global hurricane activity reaches new lows.”

  8. It is heartening to hear a broader perspective and a different priority coming out of the Beehive at this time of “ripping things up and tearing things down” (because “the other side” put them in place / “we promised our supporters/donors” …)

    I will write to appropriate members of the new Government … and approach my local MP(s) on the matter.

    Hopefully, at the very least, the old numbers game will be taken seriously by those who wish to be re-elected!

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