No Minister! Sir Humphrey Can Recycle Too

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The Sir Humphreys of the Beehive need to do their bit for recycling
Good investigative digging from the Herald on Sunday has unearthed the shocking news that the Environment Minister Nick Smith thinks it is a “horror story” that senior bureaucrats may be taught how to recycle their garbage!

“I’ve heard horror stories of senior bureaucrats earning over $100,000 a year sitting around for an hour getting lessons on how to separate their rubbish,” Environment Minister Nick Smith told the Herald on Sunday.

This croaks me up big time! Does Nick think it is OK to learn about recycling if you are on a lower wage? I mean what is the cut-off wage that makes it worthwhile to recycle… 70K, Nick ? Or is it …40K Nick? Or does National’s Environment Minister think learning about recycling is just a load of rubbish.Green Party Co-leader Russel Norman is right to take Nick to task for putting these well paid advisers above the hoi polloi.

Green Co leader Russel Norman said: “Just because you’re a ministerial adviser, does that mean you don’t have to recycle and reduce waste but everyone else does?”.

Recycling is about people actually caring what impact they have on the planet and it wouldn’t hurt a few hard working senior civil servants to muck in too. Nick also needs to stop referring to every scheme designed to minimise our damage to the planet as ‘nanny state’. It makes him sound like one of those Libertarian types – the modern free-market version of the 1980s Moonie crossed with the ‘flat earth society’ – the sort always willing to shove a bit of Ayn Rand down your throat while you are waiting for the bus. Stop the trash talk Nick and while you are at it show you care by making certain the Love NZ public recycling bins stay.

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