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  1. Who needs it, I agree. They think debate is all about who can shout the loudest – very infantile. I’d prefer not to debate the trolls, but talk with other informed greens like bjchip (where’s he been recently?), or those who disagree, but do so intelligently. Of course, we’ve chosen a public forum to discuss these things so that’s life. We could go onto the members only discussion forums on the website, but these aren’t very active at all, as people want to have the discussion publically. I do for two reasons. One is to counter those very vocal detractors who need to be put in their place. In doing so we need to not chase every absurdity, which is hard I know as I fall into the trap from time to time (there are several people I actively ignore, but big bro is just too much fun!). The other is to test my views. Despite holding forth here as strongly as the next person, I try not to assume I’m right, and really enjoy the process of being challenged and defending what I think I know. What a great way to learn. Thanks to everyone who engages genuinely and respectfully.

  2. Valis; Have a look at the last 4 posts on the Back-Benchers Post.
    My concern was that these people are out to destroy any usefull line of thought and exhaust ‘greenies’ by constantly forcing them (us) to defend ridiculous ignorant and insulting remarks.
    Basically if someone isn’t a Green Voter, I don’t have any time for them – not on this blog.
    I did ask Shawn what on earth he was doing here when he was so conclusively anti-GP. The reply was an explosion of bad language and worse manners….who needs it – they can haul off to kiwiblog or even go outside for a walk.

  3. Hadn’t noticed Mark, except that its much nicer when Shawn Tan doesn’t visit. Blogs particularly suffer with people who want to talk loudest and longest. At least big bro runs out of breath almost as soon as he starts. 🙂

  4. Me too, although not very Cohen-ish.

    Is clean coal possible? I know it doesn’t work right now, but is containment feasible , both in technical and economic terms?

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