Energy Minister’s recipe for economic disaster

by frog

The government’s call to scrap the New Zealand Energy Strategy is yet another instance of the environment being sacrificed on the altar of exponential growth, and is a recipe for economic disaster.

However, there may be a tiny silver lining. At least this time the Energy Minister has not hidden behind the farce of “balance” and has had the courage to state the government’s true intent to sacrifice everything for unlimited growth!

Nevertheless, he fails to grasp that ignoring climate change in any energy strategy has costs and consequences far beyond his time in government. Without sound environmental protection, there can be no economy. The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment.

New Zealand is so well placed to make the transition to a truly sustainable energy supply, but just like the repeals of the renewable preference and the biofuel legislation, this announcement is another big step in the wrong direction.

The assault on Labour’s already weak environmental policy continues. With this latest announcement, we can expect our dependence on foreign fossil fuels like oil, coal and soon natural gas to grow exponentially as well. With our weak dollar and spiralling current account deficits, this is a recipe for economic disaster. The more we rely on imports, the more our security of supply will erode.

The Minister continues to fiddle while Rome burns. This strategy rebranding exercise will waste countless hours of ministry time better spent implementing the limited sustainable solutions already in the strategy. What we need now is action, not further dissembling.

To mis-quote Obama who was quoting someone else last month; Mr Brownlee will be remembered for what he builds, not what he tears down.

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