The Best Place For Rental Shake-Up is Toi- let

by frog

I and many other frogs out there am renting so I’m pretty concerned about National’s shake up of rental laws led by Housing Minister Phil Heatley. The reason given for the shake-up seems to be that the scales have swung too far towards the tenants. If so this will be news to a lot of us frogs looking for the right lily-pad.

According to the Standard blog only 8% of us are actually property investors – which means that a small percentage of croakers will be mighty happy right now. As for those frogs paying off student loans, bringing up tadpoles and without a spare couple of hundred thousand to participate in the housing market – well we will end up paying those great letting fees.

I wonder how many Government MPs are renting – besides the swanky Wellington residence close to the Hive? – I’m guessing not too many. Instead this rewrite will be written by those who don’t know what it’s like to get a letter around Xmas telling you the land-person are moving back in and you’ve got six weeks to find somewhere else for the family. And say your rental property has dodgy drains – well you won’t be able to go to a tribunal with a professional support person.

This is a difficult enough task at the best of times. Imagine what this will mean for those people who have just lost their jobs and there struggling with English or people.

As Green MP Sue Bradford points out ‘this issue affects many New Zealanders there were 24,297 tenancy tribunal hearings held in the 2006/2007 years.’ C’mon Phil ‘Let’s keep it fair not return to Dicken’s days of yesteryear.’

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