Labour needs to front up on S92A

Labour’s Clare Curran sought leave in the House today to introduce her members bill that would clarify the policy that ISP’s need to produce under the controversial section 92A of the Copyright Act.  The explanation to the bill says:

We considered a variety of measures including delaying the enactment of the clause, however it is better to state the appropriate mechanism for resolving the issue.  This Bill therefore amends section 92A to include the following clause:

(3) A policy as required by subsection (1) must be in accordance with guidelines developed by industry groupings representing the interests of telecommunications carriers and rights holders and agreed by the responsible Minister.

The wider issue of the future of copyright law in a digital age is complex and fast changing. In order for the Section 92A to be effective, a workable code of practice between the rights holders and the internet service providers must be achieved.

This amendment is in keeping with the objective of the Act which is to ensure a robust intellectual property rights system for the continuing growth of New Zealand’s creative and innovative sectors.

The Greens did not deny leave, why would we as the bill wont make the situation any worse?  But it certainly wouldn’t make any difference to the problem – that is that if Cabinet doesn’t agree on Monday to issue an order in council to prevent section 92A from coming into force, then as of 28 February ISP will have to comply with the provision.

I am amazed the Labour could take this action since Labour put the provision into law and despite the continued objections from ISP’s decided to proceed with it.  Nandor, who was our ICT spokesperson at the time, fought the provision all the way, but Labour never listened – and neither did Peter Dunne, or Rodney Hide.

Funny how they all now think it there is a problem and all want to be the great saviours of the ISPs as they trip over themselves to champion the cause.

I don’t care who fixes it or why – JUST DO IT and do it fast!

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