Save Happy Valley celebrates 3rd anniversary

The Save Happy Valley Coalition celebrated the occupation’s 3rd anniversary on the weekend. The valley is home to endangered kiwi and snails in a precious forest-edged red tussock wetland. Destroying this special place to mine coal that will contribute to climate change is doubly criminal.

While the occupation has so far protected the valley from destruction, it was reported that Solid Energy is about to begin further surveying work in the Valley.

Campers said that Provision Security kept an eye on the camp from a distance – if they’d come down to the camp to say hi they could have joined a delicious 5-course dinner!

One member commented that the Waimangaroa River was the cleanest in recent memory, suggesting that Solid Energy may be improving their practices – environmental conditions only required because of pressure from the “greenies”.

Solid Energy CEO Don Elder “politely declined” SHVC’s invitation to join the 3rd anniversary. Perhaps it is time for the new Minister of Conservation and Climate Change Tim Groser to visit and reflect on the link between coal mining, climate change, and its impact on conservation, let alone humanity!

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