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Many thanks to John Armstrong for a bit of coverage in today’s Herald, but really he should know better than to say we have changed our tune. John says:

Having slammed the door shut to working with National a mere three months ago, the Greens now want to reopen it.

The Greens’ co-leader’s language in the “state of the planet” address – an annual fixture on the Greens’ calendar – was pretty direct. He committed the Greens to working with National where the two parties could find common ground and challenged Key to work across all political divides, sharing knowledge, ideas and purpose so the country could ride out the economic storm.

Clearly John, you have missed that this is exactly what we have been saying since long before the election, during the election and afterwards. While the ETS was being negotiated, the Greens and National had a verbal agreement to meet up and discuss the issues and common ground. When a letter was sent to firm up the dialogue, National’s response languished (presumably while it went to Australia for approval) and then came back weeks later stripped of any substance.

On October 20th, 2008 the Green Party release said:

Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons says: “However our analysis showed us that on the whole National would take New Zealand in the wrong direction, in fact, many policies headed off down a dead end street. This means that we can not form a Government with National, or support them on confidence and supply, although we could work with them in areas where we have common ground.

“Depending on the outcome of the election, the Greens would prefer to work with Labour to form a Government, as their policies are more closely aligned with our own. But, no matter who forms the Government we will look for areas of common ground where we can work together.

On election night, Jeanette reiterated these statements, offering to work with John Key on areas of common ground when it became clear that National would be forming the government.

So what happened Mr Armstrong? Have you not been listening to what the Green leadership has been saying throughout the year? If, as a prominent member of the main stream media, you do not understand our position,  what chance has Joe Public got?

Shall I put the Green perspective into the vernacular? We were not willing to get into bed with National, but we were always up for dinner. We even made the first move.

We’re still waiting for you, Mr Key, to respond to our list of potentially common issues that we sent you back in June ’08. Care to respond?

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