Eat local on ice

by frog

I have long been a fan of, an online portal of environmental news and humour out of the USA. One of my favourite regular columns is Ask Umbra, where readers write and ask Umbra to solve some of the quirkier questions that plague those who wish to tread more lightly on the world. I didn´t realise until today that she has started a video series. Here´s one on the challenges of eating local:

Umbra mentions CSA´s as a great resource, and indeed they are. I tried to find a nice convenient portal of kiwi CSA´s and farmers markets, but failed to find one. However, a great site for such local information is the website, which does have numerous links and conversations regarding local produce, among all the other fantastic things they are up to. Why not start there and then hook up with your local organisation?

Unlike the poor guy in the video, New Zealand enjoys a pretty broad round of growing seasons and plenty of local produce throughout the year. Why would you live anywhere else?

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