More Circular Uncertainty from National

by frog

Following the circular uncertainty created by John Key and his National government regarding the Emissions Trading Scheme, we now have another round of circular uncertainty, this time created by officialdom, no doubt because there is no clear leadership from the top.

To start with, we have the utterly confused and ambiguous signals to business regarding the status of the ETS, as highlighted in Jeanette’s post here the other day. What is clear is that John Key has either no comprehension whatsoever about how the ETS works, or he has such a dastardly plan up his sleeve that he dare not say anything lest he let the cat out of the bag. I opt for the former. Like the hillariously incompetent Keystone Cops, we have Key, Brownlee, Dunne and Hide all saying different things about the current and future status of the ETS.

No good deed goes unpunished, so now we have the Electricity Commission saying that they are not likely to approve Transpower’s NAaN grid upgrade, because of the uncertainty surrounding Genesis’ Rodney Power Station. The  Rodney District Council deffered their final decision on the Rodney Station last week, pending the uncertainty surrounding the Electricity Commission’s decision on the NAaN upgrade!

The only thing certain in all this is that there is no certainty for business. Not for the Energy Sector, the Agriculture Sector nor the Forestry Sector. Now parliament has risen until February, and boards across the country are left wondering just what they got for their first 100 days of a National led government. In short – they are worse off and worse informed than they were before the election.

Kick starting infrastructure investment?

Yeah Right!

Aspirational for New Zealand?

Yeah Right!

Balancing environmental protection with economic opportunity?

Yeah Right!

In that last case we have ended up with less of both. I thought that National was the party of business interests?

frog says