George Monbiot gives Yvo de Boer a serve

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In a new Guardian video series entitled Monbiot meets…, George gives the United Nations chief climate change negotiator Yvo de Boer a serve, and asks if the Kyoto protocol is too little too late for the planet.

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We all know now that a carbon tax would have been the simplest, least wasteful means of pricing the carbon externalities into the market. The only difficult part, particularly for politicians, would have been setting the price.

But the ideologues both here and abroad could not abide the thought of a market intervention as simple and elegant as a tax. No, we needed a much more expensive, intrusive, new market in our lives and the carbon tax was killed off.

Now the reality of an international carbon market is hitting home, while some players, including New Zealand, prevaricate, pointing to some of the waste and corruption in the market they insisted was created.

We have had 16 years of debate on this issue and almost no action. I am personally agnostic about which kind of market intervention is the best in the long run. What I care about is results, sooner rather than later. The massive paradigm shift required to avert the worst that anthropogenic global warming is threatening is going to create winners and losers regardless of how it is done. There will be spilled milk, and tears.

I was amused by Peter Dunne’s comments yesterday regarding the climate change select committee. It seems he got a somewhat different brief from John Key than Rodney Hide did. Let the fireworks begin!

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