Five headed monsters


I laughed out loud at this image over at Tumeke this morning, in a post from Bomber. I’m not entirely sure who gets the image credit, but perhaps it is best ascribed to John Key himself, as quoted in the NZ Herald:

Do [New Zealanders] want to put in a National government with a fresh view that will work going in one direction with a small group of parties, or do they want a potentially five-headed monster?

[Frog: It turns out it was Tane over at the Standard who deserves credit for the awesome image!]

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  1. Interesting to See Hyde on CLoseup and his anti red tape campaign + champianing of property rights. “Hullooo it’s their property, they own it..” “We need to cut through all tis red tape to get the economy going..” (sort of sttuff). The property he is talking about is perhaps at the dubious end of the property rights argument? I reckon his party and National were bankrolled by groups such as the Property Council. In the Closeup item they cherry picked examples. The property council want to change hieght restrictions (= steal sunlight without compensation).

  2. Shunda – I couldn’t help it you naughty blogger you. Three lashings with that “tail”. πŸ™‚

    freethinker – come on, get into the spirit of it. No vitriol here, just some healthy poking of fun at Key’s own statements!

  3. Being critical before the new government has actually had time to do anything has the taste of very sour grapes. Unlike the last administration of tense cooperation producing the most divisive and flawed legislation (500+ amendments to the EFA) the current model at least at this stage appears to be one of willing partnership so why not give it a chance to fly before shooting it down – you may even learn something like National is not bad – Labour good – after all Labour royally shafted the Greens who then painted themselves into a corner with Labour so ensuring 3 years of probable total irrelevance.

  4. Come to think of it, I wonder which head is the immortal one?

    Who will be the first to die of it’s poisonous breath?

    Will we get a Hercules to save us?


  5. I actually got told of by frog!!
    That is my first naughty boy repremand on any blogg ever!!!
    And I whole heartedly appologise πŸ˜‰

  6. Perhaps Peter Dune should be on the end of the penis.. I mean tail!!! He does seem like a bit of a dick πŸ™‚

    [Frog: Let’s keep it polite, Shunda!]

  7. samiam

    You’re such a girl! Fancy noticing that when there were all those lovely intellects to look at πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  8. Frog: But the original quote referred to parties, if it was as you say, this is about leaders, then the original quote would have been a 7 headed monster, ( 2 Green party co-leaders, and 2 Maori Party co-leaders), The original quote is a distinct reference to parties, not Leaders.

  9. Shunda barunda:

    I don’t see anyone in attack mode (well, not in this thread anyway). People just seem to be pointing out the irony (or is that hypocrisy?) of Key’s scaremongering about a five headed monster before the election, and it is a funny picture.

    I was surprised (and pleased) that Key did reach out to the Maori party – I’d really like to believe that it is in a spirit of inclusiveness, and for the moment I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt – although I can think of at least three other reasons that have nothing to do with inclusiveness, so time will tell.

  10. This is so funny, National makes MMP look good with the speedy formation of a Govt in record time, and the Green party, THE GREEN PARTY!, is in overdrive in attack mode!!
    This is the bigest flip flop to date! are you guys still for MMP?
    You know, I think you guys , and the left in general are actually a little Jellous that a National lead govt has actually captured the spirit of MMP better than anyone to date, and is the first party to reach out to the Maori party, WHEN THEY DON’T HAVE TO!.
    I mean who would have thought this would happen 3 weeks ago?
    Probably the only people as upset as the left at the moment are the ultra right wing, maybe you guys could get together for drinks and grieve together πŸ˜€

  11. At least these three parties and a dog have an opportunity to influence policy and legislation, which is more than the Loud Left Green party can claim right now.

    Green issues alone and you would have had a chance at the same.

  12. I’m happy with a 5 party government. It offers at least the chance the worst excesses will be kerbed.

    I suspect that will only be relevant when ACT won’t support something National wants to do and it will come down to whether the Maori Party (or someone else) can swallow the dead rat instead.

  13. Fair enough. I forgot Colin Espiner DID have enough evidence of the Maori party being ‘in a coalition’ to eat his blog!

  14. StephenR – I don’t know about psuedo. These are real agreements on confidence and supply, whether they are in or out of cabinet. In my mind that’s a coalition partner, plain and simple. I think Key did very well only promising reviews. The Greens made that mistake once in yeas past, and we’ll never settle for a simple review again when a hard policy win could be on the table. I think one or all of the minor parties to this five headed monster will rue the day they signed on the line. It is the big risk of signing up – getting swallowed by the big fish…

  15. As I’m sure has been pointed out numerous places already, Key getting a lot of parties on board when he didn’t really need to (only needed ACT) is rather different than needing all the parties to scrape together a majority like Labour would have needed to. Whether it is trying to get more than a one term government, being able to play the parties off against each other, trying to sink the Maori Party or some genuine spirit of inclusiveness, time will tell.

    Having said that, the talking about the ‘five headed monster’ before the election was simple scaremongering: Labour+Greens+Anderton+Maori Party+NZF would have had a lot more in common (and to me been preferable) than the current coalition.

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