The Emissions Trading Scheme hits the backburner

by frog

There is some good commentary about the Emissions Trading Scheme going on hold at Pundit:

Have we wasted the whole last decade debating climate change policy, if we need to go back and start from scratch with a select committee review of ETS? No party was happy with the scheme that was finally passed in September. It took years of negotiation and huge political compromise from those who voted for it. Now National will consider “any amendments or alternatives to it, including carbon taxes”. Are we just starting again then? Given that US president-elect Barack Obama is committed to a cap and trade scheme and even the United Nations is working on plans for a “Green New Deal”, why on earth are we choosing to give up our competitive advantage (ie years of policy work)?

At Hot Topic:

To avoid further damage to our international credibility, National should immediately issue revised terms of reference and a tight timetable for their “special” select committee: taking out all references to considering the science of climate change and the possibility of a carbon tax, and explicitly limit the committee to considering amendments to the ETS framework. To do less (or nothing) will do further damage to business in NZ and our international reputation.

And also:

Time for the NZ scientific community to make it clear to Nick Smith and National that the starting point for any review of climate policy has to be an acceptance of the IPCC’s Fourth Report, and the NZ Royal Society’s statement issued earlier this year. Anything else would be like appointing Ken Ring to run MetService.

And Audrey Young at the Herald:

Act’s position has changed markedly over the years. When Labour proposed a carbon tax, Act opposed it and National wanted an emissions trading scheme.

When Labour proposed an emissions trading scheme, Act supported a carbon tax. It has now won a review that will include looking again at a carbon tax.

During the short space of the campaign Act has argued that climate change is not happening and it is a hoax, that it is happening but it is a good thing, and that it is happening but we should not do anything because we are too small to matter. Now it seems, because Rodney Hide can’t make up his mind about climate change, the rest of us are to be subjected to further delay.  And all just at the time when the rest of the world is arguing we must act now if we are to take our best opportunity to avert a crisis (and embrace an opportunity).

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