Act’s ally

by frog

Well one sector of society had to draw the short straw and get an Act Minister in charge of their area of interest, and this time it was local governments.  But it seems that one mayor, the one in the Rodney District, is looking forward to working with Rodney Hide.

“I am sure the new Minister brings with him the right mix of energy and enthusiasm to take on this role,” she explained.

Coincidentally the Mayor in question is Penny Webster, former ACT MP and champion of the controversial and possibly illegal Penlink road in the Whangaparaoa.

I guess that $360 million government expenditure won’t be peeled back then and can be added to the $1 billion that extra spending each year that David Garrett wants to spend to “fix the breakdown in law and order”. It seems some government expenditures may be safer than others from Rodney’s razor gang.

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