The money or the bag?

Yesterday’s Herald has John Key on MMP:

Key says the referendum on MMP will be held in two parts – a binding plebiscite on election day 2011 on whether MMP should be retained or ditched, and a second binding plebiscite on what might replace it.

This list, he indicated, could include first-past-the-post (the predecessor of MMP), supplementary member and single transferable vote (STV).

Putting aside the pros and cons of proportional representation surely he has go the mechanics of such a referendum upside down?  How can people vote in a binding referendum on whether to retain MMP or note, before they know what it is they will replace it with?  It’s like an electoral blind date.

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  1. I say marginalised, rather than excluded, as minor parties would, under SM, obtain 1 seat for each 2.5% of the vote (80 electorates and 40 SM seats). Thus the MP might have 1-2 MP’s and the Greens 2-4.

  2. It’s simple really – those for FPP and SM would total more than those for MMP. So MMP is done for in the first poll. Then those for MMP and SM total more than those for FPP, so the change is to SM via the second poll – as Don Brash has been campaigning for.

    The process is organised to obtain the result that the National Party want.

    The final step is abolishing the Maori seats afterwards – the Maori Party being offered a few trinkets/a seat at the table meantime while National govern their way to achieving this goal. A centrist Key government preparing the way for a future where a centre right National Party (moving to the right to incorporate ACT) competes for power vs a centist Labour party (with Greens and Maori marginalised from the political process).

    Key is just the seat warmer for the next Brash.

  3. Why arent referendums always binding anyway?

    Yeah, look like they really want to get rid of it. I dont think people will go back to ffp though. STV is pretty good but is even more complex than mmp. Have no idea what supplementary member is…

  4. “plebiscite” – not often I have to look a word up. Why couldn’t he just have said “referendum”.

    I’ve had a lifetime of voting FPP and have never liked it, so lets hope something proportial stays.

  5. I have finally stopped pinching myself to make sure the result from Saturday night is real
    the is real hope this country can move forward now we have a true progressive party in power

    I hope we move to supplementary member

    MMP is to unstable and leaves to much power in the hands of minor parties Eg greens or NZf or Act

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