Peter Dunne’s Green electorate

Peter Dunne will have rightfully been celebrating having now returned his party to where he has wanted it to be for “nine long years” free of the annoying hangers on and ensconced back in the midst of a National-led government. 

He may however be wondering about his decision to reject the Greens so firmly given that the Green Party out polled United Future in his very own electorate by 3007 votes to 787.  That’s nearly four to one.   Interestingly he won less than a third of the electorate votes as well, meaning that much as he relies reputation as a good local MP as his basis for political survival, 2/3rds of people in his electorate joined him in voting for change.  

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  1. Well maybe next time us Ohariu Greens will need to endorse the Labour candidate, to hopefully give them enough to oust Dunne.

    Personally I voted for Katrina Shanks, simply because I thought she’d poll better than Charles Chauvel and scare Dunne. Many of the Greens and Green supporters I know did the same. She was going to be in Parliament anyway, so we thought “Why not?”. If we’d had some sort of electorate poll, we might have known better. To be honest, I didn’t think Dunne’s majority would collapse like that and that there was any chance of ousting him.

  2. as my boss said at work today, when I expressed dis-satisfaction that dunne had not gone too,

    well at least they both managed to get enough party votes to not be overhang MPs (meaning him and Jim)

  3. A minor party needs a solid group to represent. Greens and maori party have that covered. He and nzf etc, do not.

  4. As I understand it, a party leader cannot be Speaker. I’ve also heard a rumour that Dunne will not stand in 2011. Perhaps he sees the writing on the wall.

  5. >>I didn’t see your man Gareth anywhere….

    Fair enough. Gareth is a lovely guy, but I have no idea what his ground campaign was like.

  6. Susan
    I’m sure they weren’t, otherwise there wouldn’t be any green votes outside the university cities. What I’m saying is that the substance of the left-wing vote came from urban and sub-urban areas, not the rural areas where the greatest impact might be achieved. As long as the Green Party is seen as being the extreme left-wing party in this country, with a stronger social engineering base than a sustainability one, the current 5-8% is where it will likely stay!

  7. Strings: the students weren’t the only ones voting Green in the Ngaio area. A significant number of quite National-looking 30 & 40-something parents of young kids did too: I know, due to my small canvassing effort – was surprised by several peoples’ declarations.

    Just a thought: Ngaio Town Hall recorded a 17% Green party vote. Apart from the fantastic billboards, I didn’t see or encounter a spot of other Green campaigning in our little valley. No offense intended to anyone who did: maybe I just had my head too far down. But maybe room for some growth, there.

  8. >>Hello Neighbour

    Howdy! 🙂 I’m in Khandallah.

    >>Go Gareth! Maybe next time

    No chance, whatsoever. The competition is Labour vs National, and only if both make a determined bid to occupy the “sensible center”. Katrina is very high profile in this electorate, and has been for a while.

    I didn’t see your man Gareth anywhere….

  9. Blue Peter
    Hello Neighbour (I too vote in Ohario)

    I doubt that Peter (I’ll go to the opening of an envelope if you invite me) Dunne will get another term, if he takes a Ministerial role again. However, if he were to become Speaker, which is not out of the question though I’d rather see Cullen in that role, then I expect he will stay in the Ohario member until the next left swing, by which time he’ll be ready to go anyway one must presume!

    WRT some of the statistics, I think seeing “his” party vote almost negligible in Ohario is symptomatic of its position in the general mind of the electorate, however, I don’t think that a Green vote of 8% is anything worth shouting about either. There are a significant number of Students living in the electorate, who I would expect to vote for left-wing and sustainability. The political “electorate map” of NZ shows blue in all places except those where there are universities, this should be seen as a concern to both the Labour and Green parties. Of particular importance now is the need for the Green Party to differentiate itself from the LEFT end of the Spectrum, or vanish into obscurity.

  10. We shouldn’t let Gareth’s haul discourage anybody – we need to focus heavily on having strong candidates in every electorate, who haul up the party vote.

    Go Gareth! Maybe next time 🙂

  11. BP- given that Charles Chavel was quite high on the list, it’d more be a matter of Dunne “getting out”. 🙂

    I’m a bit sad that Gareth got enough votes to oust Dunne.

  12. Not to mention having all the exclusive brethren in his electorate visiting every Sunday afternoon, offering him salvation and electioneering advice. 😉

    Hard road to haul for a nominal Catholic!

  13. I’m in that electorate, and if we’d – we’d meaning the the party I was at – had known the split was going to be that close in advance, we would have strategicly voted for Dunne, rather than let Labour get in.

    Hopefully it will go National next time…

  14. Let’s not pick on Peter, he must be very tired from his ship-jumping and nimble side stepping, all the while struggling under the weight of that enormous power-wig.

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