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Here are some of the individual electorate returns from Green campaigns around the country. The top ten electorates for Green votes were:

  • Wellington Central – 6,657 votes, 20.08%
  • Rongotai – 5,407 votes, 16.42%
  • Dunedin North – 4,448 votes, 15.38%
  • Port Hills – 4,406 votes, 13.53%
  • Auckland Central – 4,341 votes, 15.41%
  • West Coast-Tasman – 3,279 votes, 10.23%
  • Christchurch Central – 3,080 votes, 10.79%
  • Mt Albert – 3,065 votes, 10.37%
  • Ohariu-Belmont – 3,007 votes, 8.87%
  • Nelson – 2,949 votes, 8.88%

That’s an amazing result for Sue Kedgley and her team to break 20 percent in Central Wellington.  As with previous elections most of the strong performances come from the urban electorates, although it’s good to see Kevin’s West Coast Tasman team and Diane Mellor’s team in Nelson performing well too.

And our biggest improvers, by vote:

  • Dunedin North – 912
  • Ohariu-Belmont – 833
  • Rongotai – 777
  • Clutha-Southland – 758
  • Dunedin South – 687
  • Ilam – 617
  • Mana – 531
  • Tukituki – 511
  • Rangitikei – 506
  • Hutt South – 502

While the big city electorates still figure on that list there are also some interestingly big gains in areas that aren’t traditionally seen as Green, such as Clutha-Southland, Tukituki and Rangatikei and the Hutt.

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  1. So if green didnt stand in a few of the electorates and their voters voted for Labour… Labour would have won,
    Auckland Central, West Coast-Tasman, Ohariu-Belmont, Waitakere, and possilby more…

    I know the campaign is ‘party’ vote green…

    Anyone else wish we got STV instead of MMP.

  2. Thanks Frog. I don’t have the figure to hand, nor do I know where to find it, but I think I heard that the overall vote this year was some 3% larger than in 2005, in which case, wouldn’t you have to take that away from the growth figure in order to assess the ‘real’ growth in electorate vote to assess how successful the individual’s campaign had been?

  3. Kevyn – Fonterra won’t take any notice at all. The growing of the Green vote in Clutha/Southland likely resulted from the ongoing discussion on matters like river water quality and the proposals for mining lignite that took the form of three years of regular letters to the editor, opinion pieces, features in small rural papers and so on. The greening of the rivers, evidenced by the reports of massively increased e.coli counts and anecdotal increases in health issues in the rural areas (stomach complaints etc.) may have caused some voters to tick the box of the party that made the most noise about these things locally.

  4. katie said “Clutha-Southland – that’s Bill English’s electorate – we grew the Green vote in his electorate?”

    Hopefully that will make Fonterra sit up and take notice. And West Coats Dairy Co. too. The dirty dairying message may be hitting home most strongly in the electorates that have the greatest recent personal experience of it.

  5. I thought we would do a lot better in the Nelson electorate
    However With Maryn Street and Nick Smith campaigning here we didn’t do too badly
    Incidentally in Nelson City polling booths we managed 14%
    Richmond which is only 8km away is like a different planet
    Started for 2011 already

  6. How are you taking in to account electorate boundary changes since 2005 ?

    Port Hills didnt exist then and the vote is not directly comparable to the former Banks peninsula Electorate – which was split between the new Selwyn and Port Hills electorates.

  7. As requested by Strings:

    Dunedin North, 4.58%
    Wellington Central, 4.33%
    Rongotai, 3.86%
    Port Hills, 3.12%
    Ohariu-Belmont, 3.04%
    Auckland Central, 2.47%
    Ilam, 2.42%
    Clutha-Southland, 2.41%
    Dunedin South, 2.17%
    Mana, 1.95%
    Hutt South, 1.91%

    I had initially put up the raw numbers because I found them more useful as indicators of what is happening to the nationwide party vote tally.

  8. Frog
    can you put the biggest improvers by percentage of votes cast rather than number of votes?
    It would be more informative.

  9. Clutha-Southland – that’s Bill English’s electorate – we grew the Green vote in his electorate?

    ROFL 😀

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