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As I understand the electoral law, I’m not allowed to post new web content tomorrow until the close of polling booths at 7pm. And from 7pm onwards I intend to be at the Green Party Party, not in front of a computer typing.  So this is me signing off for the day.  Expect coverage to resume on Sunday (or maybe Monday).

Also I should warn you I intend that all comments posted between midnight and 7pm tomorrow will go automatically into a moderation queue and will thus only appear on the site when I approve them later. Again, this is to abide by the Electoral Act, which prohibits campaigning of any kind on Election Day.

Earlier today Russel and Jeanette gave a list of twelve things that epitomised what a party vote for the Greens stood for:

  • reducing New Zealand’s oil dependence and climate change emissions
  • improving public transport and the rail system
  • cleaning up our waterways
  • increased protection of threatened species and ecosystems
  • improved local food security, keeping NZ farming and environment GE free and supporting organic growing
  • reducing child poverty and reducing violence against children
  • forming a genuine partnership with Maori under the Treaty
  • making education free and accessible
  • protecting our national sovereignty from overseas ownership of land and strategic assets; and keeping us out of foreign wars
  • protecting public healthcare, and investing in preventative health measures to keep us healthy and well
  • protecting workers’ rights and raising the minimum wage
  • open government, protecting democracy and civil rights

That’s a long list.  For me this election is about three things:

  1. Food and water. Anyone who moves towards social justice and a healthy environment needs to begin that journey at our most basic needs. That means clean water that our children can safely swim in and our grandchildren can drink, and local food grown from sunshine and healthy soil rather than chemicals and oil – enough to feed our communities and give jobs to our citizens. These are two of our most basic needs, easily achieved, and yet currently we don’t do them right.
  2. Climate change.  Rob Muldoon said his goal as Prime Minister was to leave the country better than when he started.  That’s a worthy and eloquently simple gauge of success. Except now the goal has to be to leave the planet better than we found it.  We’ve probably got one chance to find that better part of our collective nature, and rise above the challenge we have built for ourselves and our children.  Luckily there are a lot of us, and we already have all the tools we need to succeed; our own wisdom, compassion and knowledge.
  3. And democracy.  The most powerful part of an election is watching Prime Ministers and politicians sit powerlessly while ordinary people from all corners of our country take the time to make their small, but powerful mark on our democracy.  It doesn’t matter who you vote for or why.  It matters simply that you care enough to vote. I joined the Greens because I believe, on average, democracy makes better, wiser choices than other forms of government and the more democratic opportunities people have, the more often, on average, they make wise, worthy choices.

Have fun tomorrow.  Voting should first and foremost be fun.

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