Garth George accidentally endorses MMP

Does anyone understand Garth George in the Herald today? He concludes:

As for me, both my ticks on Saturday will go to National. Thus do I vote against both Labour and MMP.

Ok, so no surprise he’s not fond of MMP, except that he notes earlier:

The Greens have earned a presence in Parliament…


Act, too, under the irrepressible Rodney Hide, deserves a couple of seats…

But that’s not all:

Of the rats and mice, Peter Dunne is an honest and useful administrator, as is the veteran Jim Anderton. Both have a place in the House.

Then there’s the Maori Party, which, because of its raison d’etre, is unique. It would be nice to see its MPs with a share of real political power.

So despite being a two-tick National man he wants seven of the eight parties in parliament to remain, representing their constituencies and ideas. It reads like what he wants is all these parties to have a voice in proportion to the support they have from the population, otherwise known as proportional representation? Seems to me like he’s a bigger fan of MMP than he realises.

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  1. Maybe he’s just a bit confused. Lots of people do seem to be tripping over the odd brain cell in trying to understand tyhe enormously complex idea of proportional representation.

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