Horticulture NZ launches new CoOL campaign

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Horticulture New Zealand and others have launched a new campaign for CoOL, or Mandatory Country of Origin Labelling of food.  It notes that the campaign is pretty simple really – it’s about consumers’ right to know that they are buying:

We believe Kiwi shoppers deserve the right to choose.

CoOL is not a ‘buy local’ campaign. It is not a food safety campaign. It’s about choices.

Mandatory country of origin labelling (MCoOL) is the only way to ensure the consumer gets to make the right choice for them, whether their purchase decision is based on product origin, the price, safety concerns, what the kids like, nutrition needs or just plain old flavour preference!

It also has an interesting discussion on Made in New Zealand Baked Beans

‘Made in New Zealand’ does not automatically mean the food contents of the can or pack where actually grown in New Zealand.

For example, a can of Baked Beans with “Made in New Zealand” on it could have been made from imported tomatoes and imported beans. We don’t grow those beans in New Zealand! Once the tomatoes and beans are made into “baked beans” here in New Zealand, the manufacturer is legally entitled to put Made in New Zealand on the can. Even though neither of the food products in the can were grown here.

Surely if that’s the case it should say ‘Cooked in New Zealand’, ‘Stirred in New Zealand or or even ‘Tin made in New Zealand’?

Meanwhile Sue Kedgley was out and about in Wellington yesterday quizzing the public if they knew where their food came from.  Not one person out of 100 people was able to correctly guess where the eight foods in her quiz came from.  Anarkaytie at g.blog has more here.

Sue Kedgley at CoOL Quiz

Photo credit: Anarkaytie at g.blog

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