Labour plans to invest in transport look familiar

by frog

As part of its response to the impending economic crisis Labour yesterday announced changes to it planned expenditure on roading.   Like Act they recognise a good idea when someone else has it and appear to have drawn heavily from the Greens:

An enhancement of the existing Financial Assistance Rate for funding local roading would be available for those regions in need of additional economic stimulus to enable them to bring forward projects such as:

  • providing dedicated road space for public transport or other extended passenger transport services
  • additional walking and cycling facilities
  • street lighting upgrades to improve both energy efficiency and safety
  • footpath renewals
  • local road maintenance

Their dictation of our policy can’t have been 100 percent though because they missed a few details. We’re not increasing Financial Assistance Rates rates for local road maintenance, and we’re suggesting rolling out the changes nationwide, not on a bureaucracy-intensive case-by-case basis.

For more information on Labour’s transport policy going forward, please click here.

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