A few quotes

John Ansell here on Frogblog referring to Jeanette’s ranking as one of NZ’s hottest politicians:

‘Not hot, but maybe globally warm.’

Nine year old Aotea Parata who stars with Aila Morgan-Guthrie on the Green Party billboard of the tyre swing talking about whether he’ll be voting Maori Party or Green Party (or something different):

 ‘Just wait until I’m nine years older.’

And Morning Report’s Nadine Chalmers-Ross reporting that Rodney Hide thinks his party’s use of Aila in its television ads is:

‘meant to be a bit of fun.’

I agree Rodney.  It was meant to be.  So in that spirit here another in our lookalike series.

Rodney Hide and Homer Simpson

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  1. BluePeter:

    No surprises there. The Greens are elitist, thinking they are better than everyone else. And because they think they are better than everyone else, they have a mandate to tell you what to do, because obviously you’re a halfwit for not being a Greenie and ought to be dictated to.

    How silly of us plebs to think they we have the right to choose our lightbulbs, or how long we can shower, or how many kids we can have. We ought to be smacked for such delusional thoughts.

    Oh wait…


    Humour is a rather endangered entity in the Greens.

    After all, with global warming and peak oil and rising tides and freaky GE crops and people breeding too much and people showering way too long and people using the wrong damn lightbulbs and cows farting too much and some dolphins in suffering for whatever reason and poor snails needing to be saved and XYZ river somewhere needing a clean-up and so on and so forth…you too would be humourless after being painted such a bleak picture of the world.

    I suggest the Greens taking a much-needed one-way trip to Happy Valley.

  2. I actually think Rodney is a good looking guy…..you should give him more credit. There was no harm done in the advertising…..I thought it was a good ad for Act. This is the nature of Politics….need a good sence of humor, if you can.

  3. >>They won’t admit it, BluePeter, but it’s taxes.

    I know.

    I just want them to be honest about their policies. But they aren’t. yet have the nerve to call everyone else intellectually dishonest.

  4. How much will it cost?

    Because if you haven’t costed it, how can you possibly know if reallocation of funds will be sufficient?

    And here is the cost benefit analysis? What happens to the new roads that provided *greater* benefits? What happens if your plan proves uneconomic? Will you scrap it?

  5. BluePeter asked: How, exactly, will you pay for the Auckland Transport policy?

    By restricting investment in roading infrastructure to new roads that have already been commenced and maintenance of existing ones and diverting the funds saved by this to public transport infrastructure.

    No overall increase in expenditure – just a reallocation of it.

  6. We have been instructed on behalf of our client Messrs Rodney Hide MP to express his extreme displeasure at the unauthorised use of his image in this blog. Furthermore Mr Hide feels his reputation has been besmirched by the peurile and childish attempt to compare him to a comic character known as Homer Simpson. Mr Hide advises he has never met the afore-mentioned Mr Simpson, but feels that Mr Simpson may well wish to also takle action against your good selves. I have been asked to demand from you the sum of $60 million in immediate compensation. If this sum if not forthoming in small used bills by 5pm tomorrow November 4 we will be forced to take legal action. Yours faithfully Messra Sue,. Grabbit and Runne, solicitors.

  7. They won’t admit it, BluePeter, but it’s taxes. 😉

    The panacea to all the world’s socio-economic woes.

  8. That’s true. Yours doesn’t count either. We could both stay home and it wouldn’t affect the outcome one bit.

    So you’re not really saying anything….

    >you’ve demonstrated over and over good faith isn’t your thing and intellectual honesty isn’t either

    Far more so than the Green Party, who have yet to explain how they intend to pay for their policy initiatives.

    But, please – give it go. How, exactly, will you pay for the Auckland Transport policy? Be intellectually honest, now…

  9. Bluepeter: No one here would wasting too much time worrying about winning your vote. You’ve demonstrated over and over good faith isn’t your thing and intellectual honesty isn’t either……..and that’s all we aim to deal in here.

  10. # greenfly Says:
    November 3rd, 2008 at 11:49 am

    > All of this is just a side show, Bob. The real issue is around theft.

    actually, that’s a sideshow too. the real issue is the economy and its interaction with the environment, and how these affect the ability of humans to live, amke a living and be happy.

  11. As usual, nothing of any value off to starboard …

    “Conservative: a statesman who is enamoured of existing evils, as distinguished from the Liberal, who wishes to replace them with others”. – Ambrose Bierce


  12. And the Greens are even funnier.

    They believe their own lies.

    That’s got to be post-modern in some way…this blog just went high-brow!

  13. “When I look at the smiles on all the children’s faces, I just know they’re about to jab me with something”

  14. Homer really is funny.

    Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now quiet! They’re about to announce the lottery numbers.

  15. What truly intelligent political commentary from the smart party.

    Rodney. He dun looks like dat Homa Simpson! Man, dat sure is a funny ting!
    I be’s sure to be votin’ Green….

  16. Which one is Hide? Both yellow. You could do a lovely ‘bit of fun’ matching the Simpson Granddad with doddery Roger Douglas 🙂

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