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  1. If it is coking coal they aren’t going to be burning it for power, but to make steel…. much scarcer stuff and IMHO, a permissible use, as the tonnages are much smaller.

  2. Well, I suppose we can say bye bye Midland Line then; the sole reason that it is exists is because of coal. Pity actually, as I was looking forward to taking the Tranz Alpine the one day.

  3. I don’t like coal but I like electricity.
    Even in NZ we still might have to make the choice between coal and no electricity.
    I was under the impression that Maui gas was slotted to run out in 2007 so we must be dredging the bottom of the well about now.
    According to Al Gore in his movie The Inconvenient Truth China was opening a coal fired generating plant ever week so someone loves coal.
    That could be why China will be the next superpower, they want energy and they are making sure they get it.
    I suppose after Pike Coal gets to the coal seam it all goes to China, then what are we going to use.

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