The missing name from the SPCA’s list of shame

by frog

Despite this gruesome reading from the SPCA:

A number of the animals had been hurt by slug gun pellets and other projectiles, and there were signs that children were being allowed to use animals for target practice.

Cases of neglect included an Auckland dog discovered on Christmas Eve after surviving without food or water for at least five weeks, and an elderly dog, its testicles ruptured by cancer, abandoned in a picnic area near Whakatane.

Sue Kedgley noted that yesterday’s yearly list of shame from the SPCA was missing some of the most brutal animal cruelty offenses of all:

The SPCA focussed on individual acts of cruelty to animals, but in reality hundreds of thousands of animals are treated cruelly – on an industrial scale – on a day to day basis in New Zealand. Hens and sows in New Zealand are locked in cages or sow crates where they can’t even turn around and suffer all kinds of mental and physical injuries.

The failure of successive Governments to act to protect animals in New Zealand from cruel treatment should be added to the SPCA’s list of shame,

Our industrial food system is not just an attack on our climate and our future health but it is anincreasing attack on our morality. It needs to be hidden behind the closed doors of battery farms for us to be able to comfortably ignore the abuse we would otehrwise have to confront.

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