Nelson goes Green

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Spotted in Nelson this morning:

Polar bear in Nelson

Russel was also in Nelson this morning. Is that him under all that fur, taking a break from being the face of the campaign?  It looks like his satchel to the left of the photo, but I suspect he’s more likely in the caravan having a cuppa tea.

Meanwhile the Greens are polling over 10 percent in Nelson according to the Nelson Mail, much to Labour Party candidate Maryan Street’s chagrin:

nelson mail poll

She expressed concern that the Green Party was “cannibalising” some of Labour’s party support, saying that while she wanted to see the Greens get over the 5 percent threshold, too much support for them risked Labour not getting enough votes to form a government.

That’s a false explanation of MMP from Street.  Voters know the only way to get a strong Green voice in government (or more Green MPs into Parliament) is to party vote Green. If Labour are prepared to take on enough of Green policies then we will consider helping them form a government. We won’t form a government with National

On current polling Labour won’t be able to govern without us.  That means voters have the choice of Labour-NZ First or Labour-Greens.  Given Labour’s current relationship with NZ First a party vote for Labour is more likely to lead to the first option and party vote for the Greens is the best way to get the second option. No wonder then the Green vote is growing. 

Green candidate Diana Mellor was “absolutely delighted” with her party’s showing and was optimistic of it finishing well above the 7.7 percent it won in Nelson in 2005. She said that at over 10 percent, it would return some excellent candidates, including West Coast-Tasman’s Kevin Hague and possibly former Nelson-based MP Mike Ward, number 14 on the party list.

She made “no apologies” for trying to boost party votes, even at the expense of Labour, saying it would be “even more crucial to get Green people into Parliament if National becomes the government”, to keep the environmental flag flying.

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