Greenpeace’s activism reminds us about the big issue

Greenpeace activists have this morning temporarily halted a massive conversion of forest land to dairy farming in Tokoroa, locking on to forest logging equipment and using rotary hoes to plough 5m-high letters reading ‘climate crime’ into fresh pasture.

tokoroa deforestation

The call for a halt to forest conversion for intensive dairy in light of the worsening global climate crisis is a timely reminder that one of the big issues at stake this election is not Gerry Brownlee’s share portfolio or Winston Peters’ preferred candidate for Monaco Consul, but the sustainable well-being of the planet.  Industrial dairy farming and it’s expansion over the top of where forests previously grew is one of New Zealand’s single most significant contributors to climate change.

Sadly Greenpeace’s campaign continues to focus on the two old parties that refuse to address the problem rather than on the Greens who have consistently called for policies to limit the greenhouse emissions from our agricultural sector.  For instance the Greens would place the liability for any increased emissions from the dairying and deer farming sectors with the large processing companies rather than with individual farmers.  That means, if Fonterra processes 90% of our milk, they will be required to purchase enough Kyoto units to cover 90% of any increase in our emissions from dairying since 1990 and remit them to the government.

Photo credit: Greenpeace

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  1. Shunda-wraith! There are only two ways to regain your mortal soul!

    The First is to find the Willing Daughter of a Pastor.

    The Second ……………. HANG ON !!!

  2. holy spiraleena sapsucker you’re right!!!
    My identity has been stolen by soulless welcomers of the damned!!

  3. Shunda – just looking at the portrait that accompanies your comment and that of Mr jibran_pcc, I note the YOU ARE THE SAME PERSON!!!

  4. Flagstaff attourneys, it is widely held, are the laziest and most often vilified attourneys of all! I’d avoid them at all costs!

  5. “Sure, as soon as the greens stop affecting my life i’ll be outta here ”

    dude you have a real persecution complex.

  6. It’s a tedious business and I’m not prepared to do it more than this once, but I guess someone had better correct GW Denier. James Hanson’s global surface temperature from met station data graph is here. The slope is what we in the real world call “up”.

  7. Unbeleivable , you guys with labour pass laws that discourage forestry, and then have the nerve to get up set when land use changes.
    More evidence of blind ideology being legislated with out a scrap of common sense.
    I am quite convinced the greens really have no idea how to transition to a sustainable society, all you do is preach and ban things.
    Preach and ban, preach and ban……………..

  8. But Toad, the climate trend is now cooling according to GISTEMP for the past 7 years. GW is over. You need to find another taxation scam now that communism & GW have failed.

  9. It’ll be an interesting one to watch. Intensive dairy farming requires fertile pasture able to support reasonably high stock levels. I’ve driven through there a few times over the past 6 months and seen some of these recently converted blocks and it didn’t look too fertile. Decades of pine trees are tough on the soil and the grass growth wasn’t impressive from what I could see from the road.
    I’m concerned that we’ll see the use of massive amounts of fertiliser trying to grow grass and stock on land that’s just not up to it. More runoff into the waterways, etc. Oh well, if the cows don’t work out someone can always grow three sheep per acre on it 🙁
    Put it back into forest.

  10. >>Best way would have been to use plants to get the message across. Sow Japanese radish. Or tutu.

    Heh heh. Now that would have been poignant!

  11. AS in “Revenge of the Sith” – practitioners of the dark force.

    I was hoping you *weren’t* going to say that – ‘the Sith, notable disrespecters of private property rights sin…*ZAAAP* ‘aah!’

  12. Let’s ‘encourage’ the conversion of forestry to dairy BP, shall we?
    Rotary hoes damage the soil, unfortunately, by breaking structure, creating a pan at blade level and generally traumatising any creatures living in the soil. Wouldn’t have been a true gardening greeny that did that! 🙂
    Best way would have been to use plants to get the message across. Sow Japanese radish. Or tutu.

  13. “I reckon Syths was correct.”


    “Kinda looks like “olimate ooime” to me….”

    Maybe the property owners sabotaged the sabotage?

  14. >>scythes

    As reputedly employed by the Grim Reaper or (the more likely BP’s intention) As part of the Hammer and Sickle? 🙂

  15. “using rotary hoes to plough 5m-high letters reading ‘climate crime’ into fresh pasture.”

    So not syths, then?

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