Privatisation still on National´s agenda

by frog

Despite no one wanting it besides the ACT party, National is persisting on the path towards privatising ACC. Business doesn’t want it, the EMA doesn’t want it, doctors don’t want it and unions don’t want it. Most workers don´t want it because it is so confusing.

Still, National´s ACC spokeswoman Pansy Wong is keeping it on the agenda. At least ACT comes straight out and says what they believe – that it should be completely privatised. Even United Future has a clear policy on introducing competition into the scheme. Meanwhile, afraid to show their true colours, National keeps hinting at it and talking around it, all the while making it clear to their constituents that this is where they are going.

The EMA says they are not keen on private insurers. ¨The research doesn´t indicate that it´s the best option.¨ says Paul Jarvie of the EMA in today´s Herald.

What continues to amaze me is that so many voters, who do not support a return to privatisation, continue to fall for the mixed and hedged rhetoric that National has been pushing, all of which points to a direct return to the heady days of the 1990´s.

Just like we did with the world´s second most efficient electricity system in the 1990´s, we look set to privatise for purely ideological reasons with a promise of cheaper rates. We know where that got us with the power generators…


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