Russel and Rodney debate the economy

by frog

TV3′s ASB Business show this morning featured a brawling debate between Russel and Rodney Hide this morning which includes Hide’s extraordinary proposal to pull New Zealand out of it’s international Kyoto commitments and, as Russel described it, have New Zealand tagged as a global climate criminal.  As Russel mentions during the debate the two biggest parts of our economy are the primary production sector and tourism.  Both rely intrinsically upon not just a clean, green environment, but also, more esoterically, our reputation for having a clean, green environment.  To tell the world that we are going to abandon our minimal commitments to climate change and leave it up to other countries to solve a problem that we are responsible for creating is economically irresponsible and shows Act’s dearth of economic analysis in the face of the current economic crisis.

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