Our transport plan for Auckland

by frog

The Auckland transport plan that the Greens released yesterday got good coverage in the Herald which covered how the MPs got to the launch:

  • Metiria Turei: Small ferryboat chartered from the base of Te Atatu Peninsula to highlight its dearth of public transport services.
  • Sue Kedgley: Train from Mt Eden.
  • Keith Locke: Bike from Mt Eden.
  • Sue Bradford: Northern Busway.
  • Co-leaders Jeanette Fitzsimons and Russel Norman: Walked from Mt Eden.
  • They were joined by new election candidates including Dave Clendon (Helensville) on an electric scooter and Zachary Dorner (Pakuranga), who arrived by bike in a “Dangerman” suit to highlight the hazards of pedalling through Auckland.

And TV3 on the cost of our plan versus the cost of the Waterview motorway connection in Mt Albert.

Here’s what the transport system will look like.  It’s a triple-loop rapid transit system that connects all four corners with the centre of the city and provides access to the major industrial and commercial areas. All local bus services, cycleways, walkways, and parking facilities will be configured to provide access to the loop system. When you get on the loop you can go anywhere in Auckland.

Full details of the transport plan here.

Image credit: The NZ Herald

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