Wellington vs the worms

The endosulfan pesticide debate arrived in Wellington today via local newspaper the Welllingtonian:

However, council spokesman Richard MacLean says if a sports field were “completely over-run by worms we would use the pesticide to get rid of them”.

Does that happen? Has anyone ever actually been playing cricket and then moments later been dragged under the surface by a swarm of rampaging worms?

The council’s Agrichemical Policy, which has been in place for more than a decade, suggests using only low-toxicity chemicals but Mr MacLean says occasionally more toxic chemicals do need to be used.

Endosulfan is a very effective chemical, he says. “It is very good at what it does.”

What it does of course is cause cancer, epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s disease (except in the 55 countries where it is currently banned).

Green Party health spokesperson Sue Kedgley says the problem can be safely treated by creating an environment earthworms don’t like.

Yup, that’s true.  But I have to admit I still don’t get why the sports players and worms can’t just co-habitat.  Are our cricket players really that good that they can afford to complain about the trueness of bounce from a work casting? (Or our rugby players that prissy that they don’t want to be tackled in one?)

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  1. Richard MacLean – worm rider. It’s appalling, what it does to humans, but it’s worse for the worms. Bring an end to endosulphan! I think I’ve been affected by the vermicide myself! I read ‘The council’s Agrichemical Policy’ as,
    ‘The council’s Alchemal Policy’

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