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  1. You have no clear vision at all!

    Your keen to point out that Maori never ceded sovereignty and you want to entrench the position which logically flows from that fact.

    The key issue is as always the economy and a green economy is a steady state economy. Your party boy’s and girls is dominated by radicals (of the wrong genre). You’ll get a few votes from they “they wouldn’t be that stupid” type voter, however.

  2. PS? BTW? O/t but? :Thought someone may be interested as the issue is property rights versus public rights. If I own property on a lake front (say) should I be able to do what I like with it or is the pristine iconic nature also public property? etc

  3. And what is that supposed to be a postscript to? I guess I should go look but on the surface you do seem to have won the prize for the non-sequiteur of the day….

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