Electric cars are not the answer

by frog

Russel was in the Herald (off line) this morning saying that Labour and National were both looking at electric cars as some “sort of magic solution to the issues of climate change and depleting oil supplies.”

Although they might be worth considering over time, he said the priority was to invest in the better use of more basic modes of transport for greater numbers of people facing a  financial squeeze.

“A big investment in walking and cycling is a completely no regrets policy,” Dr Norman said.

Although the Greens agreed investment in infrastructure is a good response to the global financial crisis, he said more motorways were the wrong priority.

“Maybe later on when your road use hasn’t gone down, and suddenly you’ve found your magic energy supply.

But right now the no regrets investment in public transport in the smart investment.”

Meanwhile Jeanette was also in the Herald highlighting the fact that National’s plan to remove road user charges for electric cars was effectively a subsidy for the wealthy:

She said some climate change measures proposed by National such as subsidies for electric cars were so long-term they would take more than a decade to have an effect.

The Government had investigated how quickly it could get electric cars in New Zealand and the best case estimates were 5 per cent of the fleet by 2020.

“They will be new cars, they will be expensive cars and will only be afforded by those on high incomes.

“So what National is saying is they are going to take away the basic needs of low and middle income people and subsidise electric cars for those that can afford them.”

What is especially ironic about all of this is that National wants to build more coal power stations.  So their $100,000 tesla cars, carrying a solitary person about and subsidised by others, will be effectively be powered by climate changing coal. Meanwhile we’ll still have congestion, dangerous roads and poorly designed towns that isolate people from their environment.

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