Meet the Candidates, Tukituki

by frog

The Bay Buzz covered a local Forest and Bird candidate debate in the Tukituki electorate last night.  It seems the sitting MPs tried to dominate the event:

It was mostly the Rick[Barker, Labour] and Craig [Foss, National] show, with an occasional reminder from expert witness Quentin [Duthie] that without the Greens around as babysitter, the children in Parliament could be up to even worse mischief.

But Barker and Foss didn’t entirely succeed:

All in all, I came away with the impression that only one of these five candidates wakes up most mornings thinking about what he might do to protect or nurture the environment … that would be Quentin.

Quentin has got his own report of the debate here. Meanwhile, a bit further away we’ve also been getting coverage in Victoria for our Braybrooke candidate Rayna Fahey.

Rayna Fahey, Melbourne

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