New fangled concepts like peak oil

by frog

Yesterday Dr Cullen announced $121m in the current fiscal year to upgrade our rail network.  Note that his reasoning for this investment included:

Today we have to come to terms with a new set of circumstances – the emerging reality of Peak Oil and the impact rising fuel prices have on our economy. Rail’s energy efficiency has a new relevance and a new importance.

Did you notice the capital letters?  He must be talking about something important eh?  This is a pleasant improvement on four years ago:

Jeanette Fitzsimons: What does the Minister understand by the term “peak oil”, and when does he expect it to occur?

Hon Dr Michael Cullen: I have to confess that, for once, the member has floored me; I do not understand what is meant by the term “peak oil”.

I guess everyone get there in the end. So is now a good time to talk about the billions of dollars you plan to invest on motorways for private cars rather than on public transport Dr Cullen?

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