Who will it be?

by frog

Triennially the question goes on to all the MMP parties: So who’s it going to be, who will you go with?

This time, with the exception of the Maori Party, we pretty much know the answer, or will know the answer before the election for all of them.   But what we don’t know is who will Labour go with. This is an important question that people should probably take the time to ask Labour.

We know for instance that there are a lot of voters that sit somewhere between Labour and the Greens.  I’m guessing before they make their choice they would really like to know whether Labour will continue to tie itself to New Zealand First and Winston Peters. And I think they probably have the right to know that important piece of information. I’m sure there are other undecided voters on different parts of the spectrum that feel similarly about either or both of the two big parties.  John Key has been more upfront than you would usually expect from a major party leader – seemingly ruling Roger Douglas out of his cabinet and definitely ruling NZ First out of any government he is part of. By comparison Labour currently appears to be presenting different preferred coalition scenarios to different audiences.

So, if you are out and about attending candidate meetings during the campaign, why not ask the Labour candidates, rather than the MMP parties for a change, who they want to get with.  Put them under the same pressure we get every election year.  And send me some video footage or quotes so we can see if the answers match up.

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