Which holiday would you pick?

by frog

The Greens’ suggestion of a new holiday during the winter period has met with strong support. The debate has shifted immediately from whether it is a good idea or not, to what day should we pick. Sue Bradford opted for Sir Edmund Hillary’s Birthday (July 20). No Right Turn suggested Suffrage Day, which is tomorrow. Idiot Savant must be in a hurry! And Steve Piersen at the Standard wants Matariki (June).

If I were picking a date based purely on time of the year I’d opt for something about mid-August; say maybe Indigenous People’s Day (Aug 9), Youth Day (Aug 12) or International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition (Aug 23). But the other three suggestions are more relevant to our culture and society. Personally I’d probably opt for Suffrage Day but any of them would be great. Any other ideas?

Oh, and for non-public holiday Suffrage Day events happening tomorrow, check out the Hand Mirror.

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