Peak Oil and Climate Change for Armchair Warriors

by frog

I have written a lot about the twin challenges of peak oil and climate change facing humanity. So has the IPCC, our own Kiwi climate scientists and a whole host of pundits out there.

Nothing however, is as compelling as live, up to the minute reporting and projections. StormPulse lets you watch as the third hurricane in as many weeks batters the Gulf of Mexico:


But wait, there’s more!

Thanks to the data linked in this excellent post at The Oil Drum, you can plot all the threatened oil infrastructure in the Gulf while watching the oil price changes live at

If you’re clever, you’ll end up with something like this, which shows the crucial oil infrastructure in the Gulf and its likely susceptibility to the hurricane(s):

 Now, I don’t want to be accused of claiming that one hurricane confirms that AGW is happening. It doesn’t. It is awfully uncanny, however, that the IPCC said we were likely to see an overall increase in hurricane activity and intensity due to global warming, and that is indeed what we are seeing.

I am more interested in the irony that we can sit here on our computers here in NZ and watch the impacts of climate change impacting on the supply and price of oil, which themselves impact on climate change, and so on and so forth. We can do this on the eve of passing the historic Emissions Trading Legislation, without ever getting out of our armchairs. How quaint.


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