More palm oil for our cows, less rainforest for our future

by frog

NZPA noted yesterday that the Port of Napier has reported its first shipment of bulk palm kernel.

You may remember Russel exposed the palm cake industry earlier this year. Imports of palm kernel cake have increased a thousand-fold in order to feed NZ’s rapidly expanding industrial dairy industry. To grow palm oil cake Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia are knocking down rainforests, resulting in release of massive amounts of greenhouse gases and the destruction of the habitat of endangered animals.

And this week we learn:

Imports of palm kernel were now exceeding one million tonnes on an annualised basis, with worldwide supplies increasing as the demand for palm oil rose.

Imports of palm kernel extract had risen from virtually nothing in the year 2000 to rival major imports such as petroleum on a tonnage basis, he said.

The cows would, of course, not need palm cake supplements if they were farmed more sustainably.

palm plantation

Photo credit: Helen Buckland whose photo shows rows of palm trees stretching into the distance. The Leuser Ecosystem, one of the world’s most biodiverse rainforests, stands in the background.

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