Kiss your gas goodbye

It was a clever name for a very serious event in Sebastopol, California. Sponsored by the Post Carbon Institute, it was a launch of their Ten Steps for Individuals programme for weaning ourselves off of our oil addiction. The key message is one familiar to kiwis and frogblog readers – localise!

While the programme was very California specific, Kiwis can get into the act by getting involved in the Transition Towns movement, which is growing by leaps and bounds across our country. Their 12 Key Transition Steps are a great way to get organised, but many of us should start by getting in touch with our nearest group.

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  1. I have belonged to the Kaiwaka TT since it’s inception more than a year ago and we have a really good thing going with about 6 very active sub-groups exploring Transitions in areas such as food production with a very active and popular gardening group doing working bees in each others gardens with advice, tutorials, & much practical help in growing your own food – Sewing & crafts group, alternative transport, new economics, open space, heart & soul etc. It’s very exciting & enjoyable. I recommend you check out your nearest group, or form one.

  2. Katie…I’m not so sure.

    Kiwis THINK they have green lifestyles, but won’t do without the car.

    If you had to use non gas-powered transport throughout a wet month, would that change your current methods very much? Could you do it?

  3. Really, it’s all very simple, frog – Consume Less!

    It’s the antithesis of the american dream, so it’s a hard sell in the USA, but Kiwis are a much more hardy and self-reliant bunch in general, so it’s less likely to bite hard here when the penny drops. 😉

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