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  1. I hate the sheep who think that carbon dioxide is a real problem at this point….we’ve already been through the worst of the effects of CO2. It’s strange that an educated man like David Letterman doesn’t know that CO2 has a non-linear effect on temperature. People need to wake up and realize that it’s NOT humanity’s fault for any more than 2.5% of the total “greenhouse effect”, or even more than 3.4% annual CO2 releases. Stop ignoring the science.

  2. We need a few more people yelling “dead meat!” before anyone will take things seriously, so congratulations to David Letterman! People always laugh when they are in denial. Global capitalism may be walking dead at this point, but civilisation has a chance if we wake up and give ourselves a soft landing.

  3. Well haz he does indulge in obvious exaggeration from time to time…but i think he was at least moderately serious with regards to being screwed.

  4. Wow! Haven’t seen Letterman in ages, but he’s serious from time to time, who woulda thought? “20-25 hurricanes in the last week”, heh.

    Good point about the lifetime of greenhouse gases.

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