Saving the trolley buses, again

by frog

A strange anomaly of the Emissions Trading Scheme is that electricity is facing a carbon charge from 2010, while fuel faces a charge in 2011. This meant that the electric trolley buses in Wellington faced the strange side effect that they could become less viable compared to diesel buses.  Luckily Sue Kedgley and other stepped in and negotiated $100,000 compensation to Greater Wellington for one year to keep the trolley buses running efficiently during that year. 

Sue made this announcement at the Wellington Greens’ launch of their election campaign on a flash new electric (and temporarily musical) trolley bus that whizzed around central Wellington in the drizzle, unloading about 40 Green Party members at bus stops around town to hand out leaflets and discuss the Green Party with Wellingtonians:

on the trolley bus with the band

Gareth hoping off th trolley bus on LQ

That’s Gareth Hughes about to accost some unsuspecting Lampton Quay wanderers with his smile.

Sue K, Russel N, Gareth H , Michael G on trolley bus

And that’s Sue, Russel, Gareth and Mana candidate Michael Gilchrist.

There’s more from here.

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