Peak oil saves lives?

by frog

Sadly, as we’ve been discussing in recent weeks, peak oil is threatening people’s lives in the context of international security, war and militarism in the Middle East and other fossil fuel extracting countries.  But it seems here in New Zealand there are less people dying as the cost of burning a limited resource rises:

As of last night, 241 people had died on the roads this year, 37 fewer than at the same time last year and 22 fewer than at the same time in 2006 – the safest year since records began in 1965.

One theory for the drop is high petrol prices, which have some motorists driving less and others driving slower to conserve fuel.

I talked about this a couple of months ago. And of course that doesn’t take into account the healthy air benefits to everyone including non-drivers of fewer cars on our roads.

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