Dunne makes chickens suffer

by frog

Peter Dunne is pooh-poohing the $180 million compensation package for households that will form part of the Emissions Trading Scheme, which NZ First is claiming from it’s negotiations with Labour.  Dunne’s back of the napkin calculations are that each household will receive $2.15 a week. He then further calculates $2,15 to be about 7 eggs.

Well, what I have learnt from that is that Peter Dunne doesn’t buy free range eggs.

As the Dominion Post notes it’s dangerous to take that number and divide it equally among all households because that’s not how the money will be actually divvied out, with the package split between the universal and targeted payments.

Dunne’s correct that $180 million is not a huge amount of money in the context of the Emissions Trading Scheme.  However, the $1 billion insulation package that the Greens negotiated for energy efficient, warmer, dryer kiwi homes is.  Dunne could buy more than a few battery hen eggs for that. In fact, for every dollar spent on the insulation programme, the return will be about $5. Not a bad return on investment.

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