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Without knowing anything more about the circumstances than what has been reported, it was pretty disturbing to hear multi sport’s Coast to Coast star Steve Gurney was involved in a car accident while cycling in Christchurch. However, it’s a good reminder that there is only one day left to sign the Cycle Advocacy Network’s 9-Point Plan for Cycle Safety Petition.  According to the Cycle Advocacy Network’s Chairperson, Robert Ibell:

The petition calls (among other things) for government to take steps to reduce motor vehicle speeds through reducing the tolerance for speed enforcement and increasing the use of lower speed limits. It also asks for the balance of expenditure on transport to move away from building more road capacity (which often leads to more and faster traffic) towards more sustainable alternatives, such as cycling, walking and public transport.

Internationally and in this country (e.g. the NZ Transport Strategy) reducing motor vehicle volumes and speeds are seen as the two most important steps to take to improve the safety and appeal of cycling on our roads. These two steps need to form the core of any cycle safety campaign.

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